Skratch Poop – The Itchy – 7 Inch Scratch Record by Dj Idea

Yet another original, crisp sounding 7” with phrases themed around the Bay…and what better way to capture it than with the area’s legendary Warriors colors. Produced By Dj Idea and Pressed on quality blue vinyl , you can trust that you’ll be having plenty of hours of phrases at your fingertips…The Itchy…aren’t you itching to try this one?

Side A Holds 6 Skip-less phrases and sounds with original samples from the yay
Side B Holds 6 Skip-less phrases and sounds with the 6th track having a dope synth bass line followed by hard knocking drums and the 7th track being a run through of the record at ultra pitch 133 bpm



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Filmed By: Idea Films
Beat By: Idea Beatz
Vinyl By: Dj Idea

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Shared by: Dj Samy

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