SC1000: Open-source portable digital scratch instrument

The SC1000 is a portable digital scratch instrument which loads samples and beats from a USB stick. At less than the size of three stacked DVD cases, it’s probably the smallest integrated portablist solution ever. Despite this, the software and hardware have been carefully tuned and optimised, and it’s responsive enough for even the most complex scratch patterns.

The device, including its enclosure, uses no custom parts apart from printed circuit boards. It will be possible for anyone with a bit of electronics know-how to build one, and I hope other makers in the portablist scene will be interested in manufacturing some.

The build tutorial video can be found here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1wy7IFSynY

If you want to support development of the SC1000, please visit www.patreon.com/rasteri

Tech Info:

The device is based around the Olimex A13-SOM-256 system-on-module, which in turn uses an Allwinner A13 ARM Cortex A8 SoC. The sensing of the scratch wheel is handled by an Austria Microsystems AS5601 magnetic rotary sensor, and the other inputs are processed via a Microchip PIC18LF14K22 MCU. The whole unit is powered via USB, and optionally includes the ability to fit a power bank inside the enclosure.

More information about the SC1000 can be found on the project’s GitHub page : https://github.com/rasteri/SC1000

Last update: Reck is working on the Rasteri’s SC1000

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