Numark PT01 Scratch – Battery Hack Using a 9v Battery

So I got into a situation where I couldn’t locate my power supply cord, my six D batteries finally died after two to three weeks of hardcore scratching all over the planet, stores were closed at four AM, and I had a box of 9v batteries and a USB cord.

I chopped the ends off the USB, watched a tutorial on YouTube that taught me how to install a rechargeable nine volt battery pack into the PT01, and got to work. I didn’t have any soldering iron, let alone solder, so all my connections were TAPED with scotch tape. I literally did this with no tools other than a pair of scissors and without disassembling anything. Anyone with half a brain could pull this off. I’m actually working on a more semi permanent version of this mod by actually soldering in an actual 9v battery connector. That way I’ll be able to use 6 D-sized batteries, 9 volt, or the 12 volt corded power supply on the side of the deck.

I started by cutting both ends off a micro USB cable , stripped the plastic off the ends, then connected the red wire to the positive terminal on the 9v battery. I ran the red wire to the red wire located in the battery compartment (on the left side. After taping that in place, I curled the end of the black (negative) wire a little bit, then started fishing for the spring located about four inches deep in the battery compartment on the opposite side (right side). I snagged it and put a little bit of tension of the line then taped the wire down so that it didn’t come loose while scratching.

Then the moment of magic, flipped the power switch, the light came on and all the features functioned perfectly. I was so stoked on my hack so I decided to make a video to share with all y’all portablists. When you’re living the life of a hardcore portablist, you’re going to need power at times when power is unavailable.

These are the kinds of moments that I love about this culture. I never knew how a printed circuit board was built, what all the little gizmos were that were attached to it, o how electronics were built in general. I became fascinated with hardware hacking and became a passion filled portablist about three months ago. I’m talking like eight to twelve hours a day . You’ll have to excuse the lack of scratch skills in the video, most people post vids of them scratchn cuz they sound good. This will prob take the prize for biggest lack of skills on the SCRATCH ever posted to YouTube.

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