NEW VIDEO OUT NOW: Portablist in Morocco – 1st time in Africa (Portablism Culture)

Launched by Dj Samy in 2015, the #scratcheverywhere movement received support from Numark in early 2016. The main idea is to scratch everywhere and anywhere using only a portable turntable and portable faders allowing scratcher DJ’s to leave their booths and nightclubs for more exciting locations.


The main goal is to unite portablists Dj’s globally and bring together more ideas about the portablism culture.

✔The story: A few months ago a turntablist dj asked us about the portablism culture. He wanted to know more about the #pt01scratch, asked for some advices, where to buy 7 inch vinyl and other gear related to the portablism culture. Once he bought all the stuff needed, we decided to take a flight and join him in north africa… The motherland… to make a video. Back in france, and after having filmed everything in morocco, we lost 90% of the files except a few tests that we filmed with a phone. However, we decided to publish the video after finishing editing with the undeleted files.
So here is the first video in casablanca city ( Morocco ).
✔Exclusive: 1st time in #africa..

Location :

La Fabrique Culturelle des Anciens Abattoirs de Casablanca
– Casablanca, Morocco – North Africa (1st time in Africa).

Dj Samy (Scratcheverywhere movement founder)
Dj Sim-h (Casablanca, Morocco)

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