MixFader and Serato 7″ Vinyl + Vestax Handytrax

‘A few weeks back I did a little demo of the Mixfader , a bluetooth crossfader that let you scratch with nothing else than an iPad or an iPhone.
Well, the crossfader showed no latency at all, and it’s one of the best crossfader you can get on the market right now especially for scratching, and I had a lot of fun using it with my iPad. The only problem that is on the iPad side, it’s not super ideal to scratch on the iPad, and you fingers become pretty sticky after a while, so it’s a lot of fun, but not really usable for a professional performance.
But there is an other possibility: plug a turntable to the iPad and then you can really have a lot of fun. You can plug a Technics MKII or any turntable if you want and use control vinyls like Serato or Traktor ones to send timecode information to the edjing Scratch app
But since for me, I thing it’s a portable solution that let you scratch wherever you want (On the road at the beach, at some friends, on the streets ;-)), I decided to use the Vestax Handytrax!’ Dj Dirty Swift

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