Introducing Turntablism into the School curriculum in the UK

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You may be aware from our previous news posts, TTW are honored to be involved in the following Programme as a partner. The purpose of the Programme has focused on introducing Turntablism into the School curriculum.

Pilot Project
From the 2016 to 2018 academical years, the pilot version of the unit has been delivered across several secondary schools around Leicestershire . One class unit set of equipment has reached over 2500 pupils from KS3 to FE, mainstream to SEN. The feedback has been positive from pupils and teachers alike.

– Tim Clay (Head of Performing Arts at St Martin’s Catholic Voluntary Academy)

“I have nothing but the highest praise for this scheme of work and every lesson was ensured to contain high quality learning and enabled smooth delivery. The students were so engaged and all have made excellent progress. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some students, as a result of this unit, consider taking GCSE music and using turntables as their instrument.”

– Craig Cubitt (Head of Performing Arts at Ivanhoe Specialist Technology Academy)

“We managed to teach nearly all of our Year 7 students, half of our Years 8 and 9 students, more students in an extra lunchtime club and even some staff in after-school sessions – a total of about 650 people in all. The project was excellent, as was the equipment, and the scheme of work extremely well planned.”

The unit of work has received media attention, being featured on BBC Radio Leicester and having a two page article feature in the national Music Teacher magazine.

The New Equipment – Portablism
Following feedback from the pilot version, new equipment and new versions of the units have been created. Instead of full size turntables, which commandeered a great deal of space in classrooms and limited independent practice opportunities, TTW are providing fully portable, lightweight turntables which allow for truly independent pupil practice and can be stored away easily after each lesson.

The New Unit Offer
Primary Schools – A 6 and 12 lesson version of the unit has been written and differentiated for Primary schools. This unit is ideal for Y5 and Y6 learners. Each lesson is written to last between 45 mins to an hour.

Secondary Schools – A revised 6 lesson unit and a 12 lesson unit has been created for secondary schools. With a variety of ways to differentiate the activities, these units can be taught from Y7 to FE. Each lesson is written to last between 45 mins to an hour.

In US terms, this is basically Elementary, Junior High and High School.

Music Curriculum Outcomes and Assessment
Across the units, a variety of curricular outcomes can be taught and assessed:

Pulse and Rhythm
Graphic Notation (using an adapted version of a universally used turntable notation method)
Performance (paired and independent)
Composition (paired and independent)
Melodic Performance and Composition (using our bespoke Class Cuts v1 melodic scratch record)
Exploring a diverse contemporary genre
Appraisal, amendment and (self, peer and teacher) assessment opportunities.
Moving forward – 2019
Besides more units being regularly introduced – it is also time for incorporating Turntablism with a Tech syllabus.

Enter Teenage Engineering.

Scratch In School Update – Jan 2019

As the video below demonstrates, Leicester-Shire Music Education Hub are certainly leading the way!
The pioneer behind this Programme is the Lead for Music Technology Bradley Smith. The vision, dedication, enthusiasm and support by the whole team in Leicester-Shire is invigorating.

TTW are honored to be involved in the following Programme as a partner.
More exciting news to follow…

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