August 21st 2018: Southbank Portablism DJ LINK UP 3rd Edition (London, UK)

This Tuesday, August 21st will held the third edition of the “Southbank Scratch Session”. A unique PT01 Scratch DJ Link Up in the streets of London (UK). To participate, join the community in the heart of London at Southbank Undercroft Skate Park this Tuesday at 7pm. No, there are no products for sell, there is just one culture to share! And it’s free for all ages!

What to expect: Many DJs, Turntablists, Portablists, MCs, Beatboxers, Photographer, Live beat making, Beers, Happy crowd, Creative people, Networking opportunity, You’ll be home late, Fun, Fun and Fun again! Shout out to all the DJs from #OpenDecksNight London.

Photos of the second edition (August 7, 2018) (Photo Credit: Xzibit One UK)

Since 2015, the ambition of the Scratcheverywhere Movement is to inspire and unite more DJs globally to share the portablism culture and bring more ideas about the future of making music on the go! Showcasing Portablism culture and taking the art of scratching out of clubs and into the world! #Scratcheverywhere. We are glad to be a part of the London portablists community and to share more about this new Djing trend.

Watch more Scratcheverywhere videos in London here: click here

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