" Le Portablist " Short Documentary about the portablism culture.
Numark PT01 Scratch review with Dj Samy
Exclusive review by Dj Samy with the new PT01 Scratch.
#Scratcheverywhere movement
Spreading the portablism movement all over the world!

Founded by Dj Samy in 2015, the #scratcheverywhere movement received support from Numark in early 2016. More than 20 video episodes are available online. The main idea is to scratch everywhere and anywhere using only portable turntables and portable faders allowing scratcher DJ’s to leave their booths and nightclubs for more exciting locations. We also want to contribute and spread the word about Potablism culture, unite portablists Djs globally and bring together more ideas about the art of scratching anywhere and everywhere and making music on the move.

In 2017 DJ Samy became Numark ambassador and join Numark’s official artists team.

In 2018, we launched the “Portablism Showcase Nights” in London in partnership with Numark before doing a Portablist showcase during the DMC World DJ Championships Final in London (October 2018).

More to come…

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